Automated temperature monitoring systems help avoid food spoilage, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide round-the-clock support

From restaurant owners to chefs, managers, food distribution companies and customers – it’s important to everyone to know that, from farm to table, food is handled safely and delivered in a timely manner.

And with good reason.

Centuries of experience combined with scientific research has taught us the importance of handling, transporting and storing food to maximize safety, freshness and flavor. This knowledge has led the US Department of Agriculture to demand that many business owners who use walk-in refrigerator and freezers to stay within specific temperature ranges, and that they must be monitored and the information recorded.



Seafood has become more popular as mediterranean and asian cultures influence western cuisine. It’s also one of main contributors to food borne illness.


The problem is, walk-in refrigerators and freezers don’t always operate perfectly and they often store some of the costliest food items on the menu. Temperatures can rise and fall unexpectedly, and units sometimes fail due to power outages, motor damage, unit burnouts, you name it. The failure of one of these units can result in massive food spoilage and, thus, a sharp decrease in revenues. Maintaining optimal temperatures in refrigeration units is key to profitability.

With a new generation of smart fridges, like the LG Smart Thin, refrigerated units that have sensors and are connected to the internet, coming out now, business owners can repurchase their assets. But, for most businesses, repurchasing thousands of dollars of equipment is not an option. To help these business owners who are losing inventory and dedicating man hours every day to keeping records, Omni m2m has harnessed advances in technology to bring wireless sensor solutions to restaurant owners, refrigeration technicians, shipping and distribution companies that let them easily convert their old refrigerated units, into smart refrigerators and freezers.

Extreme temperature fluctuations used to be the cause of stress and panic for owners and managers in any food business. The good news is that anyone who is responsible for keeping refrigeration units running at optimal temperatures can now easily monitor temperature and a variety of other factors. Helping them correct any issues well before they negatively impact business, and without having to spend thousands of dollars.

With Omni refrigerator monitoring solution, we empower our clients to customize and define which thresholds they want to monitor, the frequency of sensor readings and how they prefer to receive real-time alerts ˗ from cell phone texts to email alerts ˗ if the parameters fall outside of their predetermined ranges. In other words, rather than having to always be on site, now if a problem occurs, you have the option of monitoring the situation remotely through your smart phone and computer.


Refrigerated Fleet’s, are a classic example of an at risk environment for food distribution. Fortunately, it’s also one of the largest industries to adapt m2m refrigeration monitoring.


Omni’s wireless sensors are light, small and easy to integrate into commercial coolers and freezers, and they all but eliminate reliance on manual checking. The sensors monitor temperatures and are wirelessly connected to customizable software that helps owners comply with FDA mandates by recording and archiving data that can be generated as reports. If a temperature falls outside of a user-defined threshold, the system will transmit secure, real-time alerts through a wireless gateway as a text or email to let you know what the problem is. Your quick action will help prevent costly spoilage and waste.


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