Brewing delicious beer to enjoy and share with friends takes passion.

Owning and running a successful brewery takes things to a whole other level. Your responsibilities include not only making quality beer, but selling it as well. When things are going well, the brewing process is magical. Brewers carefully follow their recipes and monitor the entire brewing process to create their own unique beers, ales and lagers.

In order to attain the perfect taste, consistency and quality, their equipment and tanks must maintain specific fluid levels, pressures, temperatures and mixing times. But when devices and machinery in the brewery malfunction, it can become a crisis situation very quickly. Whole batches can go bad and suddenly your bottom line can take a serious hit.

The good news is, advances in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology have empowered brew masters to have greater control over the brewing process and consequently, over their end results. Simply put, M2M technology enables devices to monitor machines and then exchange information with other machines.


Garage door openers are a classic example of what M2M is, on it’s most basic level.


In brewery machinery, this technology involves the combination of finely tuned sensors, efficient wireless communication and easy-to-use software to help brewery companies improve their brewing process, products and profitability.

One common problem faced by breweries has been the inability to constantly monitor what’s going on inside brewery tanks including volume, PH levels, temperature and pressure. Today, there’s no need to have round-the-clock, in-person surveillance because now you can accurately monitor specific, defined tank measurements throughout a brewery with wirelessly-enabled tank sensors.

Data from each tank in the brewery is relayed from the wireless sensors to specially-tailored software where approved brewery staff can access the information and keep an eye on the brewing process, even while off-site, via a secure online portal. And you can divert disaster by receiving updates and real-time alerts on your mobile device or computer when parameters fall outside a pre-determined range. There are many advantages, among them increasing your efficiency and generating more revenue with your existing equipment, to incorporating M2M technology into your brewery systems:


Even small craft breweries can be fairly complex and have multiple tanks that until now, were cost prohibitive to wirelessly monitor

Quick Installation Saves Time and Money

The sensors and software can be installed in your business equipment in a matter of days.


Real-Time Alerts Reduce Risks

If temperatures, pressure, volume or levels go above or below a set point that you’ve determined, the sensor device can trigger an alarm to be sent to a single user or a group distribution list, including text messages to cell phones or alerts to tablets or computers


Wireless Communication Enables Remote Monitoring

Our M2M solutions use reliable and trusted wireless networks to enable communication between machines and business owners. Sensors measure the filling level, temperature and pressure of brewery machinery and the data is sent to a software app and users can check from anywhere that has internet access. If something is off, you can adjust temperatures, fluid levels, tank pressure and more from a remote location.


 Receive alerts on your Phone and control brewing tanks and equipment from anywhere 

Easy-to-Use Software Empowers Staff

You can choose pre-set software or create your own parameters to include the essential information you need in order to reduce spoilage and maintain the stellar quality of each batch. The software is intuitive, user-friendly and provides critical information that enables you to manage your tanks and brewing process with precision and consistency from anywhere. And, with Omni M2M, you’ll also have access to extensive technical expertise when you need it.


Remote Control of Tanks Fosters Flexibility

When away from the brewery, you can use any internet-enabled device to oversee and adjust critical brewing processes including volume, pressure, PH and temperature. You’ll be able to instantly fill tanks, activate burners, raise or lower tank temperatures and more, all without stepping foot in the production area.


Ability to Generate Reports Enables Regulatory Compliance

Breweries must comply with strict regulations and deal with inspections and reporting requirements. M2M technology allows you to view and record temperatures and other key data, and create reports regarding each batch.


 Reporting and forecasting is built into all Omni solutions


Simple Equipment and Affordable Package Reduces Risk

With our moderately priced plug-n-play controls, sensors and software, we can offer packages to fit virtually any need or budget. You pay just one low monthly rate for hardware installation, software and data plan. The Sendum unit looks similar to an iPhone. Its sensors report back to the Cloud and allow delegated staff members to access a dashboard with information about past and current data.

OMNI M2M has the sensors, gateways, and networks to provide you with an end-to-end solution your business can deploy today to increase your profit margins and reduce your risk. Take the guesswork out of monitoring your tanks and you’ll be freed up to deal with all the other aspects of running a successful business. Cheers!

To learn more about Omni’s brewing products, please consult our brewery solution page or contact us!

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