Wireless temperature data loggers help food service businesses avoid food spoilage, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide round-the-clock insight into their temperature controlled storage

From restaurant and supermarkets to chefs, managers, food distribution companies and diners – it’s important to everyone to know that, from farm to table, food is handled safely and delivered in a timely manner. And with good reason. Centuries of experience combined with scientific research has taught us the importance of handling, transporting and storing food to maximize safety, freshness and flavor.

The problem is, refrigerators and freezers don’t always operate perfectly, especially in restaurant and deli coolers. Temperatures can rise and fall unexpectedly, and units fail due to doors being left open, power outages, motor damage, compressor failure , you name it. The failure of one of these units can result in massive food spoilage and, thus, a sharp decrease in revenues and even worse, making a customer ill. Maintaining optimal temperatures in refrigeration units is key to profitability and reputation.

Extreme temperature fluctuations used to be the cause of stress and panic for owners and managers in any food business. The good news is that anyone who is responsible for keeping refrigeration units running at optimal temperatures can now easily monitor temperature and a variety of other factors, and correct any issues well before they negatively impact business. Even better, with affordable options from Omni, they can equip their existing assets for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

temperature data logger wireless


Deli cases are a chronic offender for refrigeration failure, due to the extreme demands opening and closing put on the condenser unit. 

Omni has harnessed advances in wireless technology to bring simple, affordable, m2m temperature monitoring solutions to restaurant owners, refrigeration technicians, IT rooms, and distribution companies to help them maintain optimal environmental conditions.


Our system is customizable and allows users to define temperature and humidity thresholds, frequency of readings and how they prefer to receive real-time alerts – SMS or email ˗ if the parameters fall outside of their predetermined ranges. Now if a problem occurs, you have the option of monitoring the situation remotely through your smartphone and computer, rather than being on site.

Temperature data logger wireless

Omni M2M’s refrigerator monitoring solutions are light, small and take less than 5 minutes to integrate into commercial coolers and freezers. Once installed, they all but eliminate reliance on manual checking. The sensors monitor temperatures and are wirelessly connected to customizable software that helps owners comply with health safety rules, by recording and archiving data that can be generated as reports. If a temperature falls outside of a user-defined threshold, the system will transmit secure, real-time alerts through a wireless gateway as a text or email to let you know what the problem is. Your quick action will help prevent costly spoilage and waste.

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