Are you a connoisseur who appreciates your beer at the level of quality the producer intended; crisp, fresh, and most of all available?  M2M is going to bring you exactly that. With M2M, kegs can be equipped with sensors that automatically send an alert to order more beer when the level and volume within each container reaches a calibrated low point.  MetaCraft Inc., takes this equation one step further with their BeerDNA™ technology that makes sure the carbonation, temperature, and pour amount on your brew is optimal from tap to tapped. A win for businesses and thirsty customers.


Machine-to-machine has finally arrived (although it’s been around for almost 20 years), and is proving to be extremely beneficial to consumers and businesses.  It’s symbiotic, special, and extremely powerful; it knocks you back and makes you think of the consumer and business world a little differently. With M2M technology, businesses are delivering better quality products, and more personalized experiences for consumers.

Old PoS System Grocery Store

PoS systems were one of the first commercial uses for M2M

Would you like better service?  A better product?  A better experience?  Businesses are always seeking out methods to improve the experience for their consumers, the quality of their product, their customer service, and widen their profit margins, and with M2M – they can.


The coffee industry is undergoing similar M2M-focused innovations, take Coffee Nation’s newly introduced self-serving machines for example.  The company has just released its M2M line of smarter wirelessly connected equipment that provides information about multiple ongoing occurrences.  One of the greatest workings within this technology is the ability for the self-serving coffee stations to analyze data and gauge when to alert Coffee Nation about the levels of cleanliness within the system.  This means a cleaner brew, which equates to fresher, better tasting coffee.  These cloud-based machines also monitor sales and usage data for every transaction; which in turn creates a better product and a better selection of choices for the consumer.


Coffee Nation Self Serve Coffee

Coffee Nation’s self-serve style has been a hit with some consumers, but the coffee shop culture is still going strong.

As more and more companies enter into the realm of M2M opportunities, the competition exponentially increases quality, and the benefits for consumers and producers parallels that success.  Whether you’re a customer that appreciates beer at its freshest, or a bean head that loves a great tasting cup of Joe, M2M technology helps make it better.


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