Refrigeration Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Reduce compliance costs, receive historical temperature reports and get notified before your climate controlled equipment and environments fail.


SMS / Email Alerts

SMS / Email Alerts

Real-time notifications when temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and tilt go outside of specified ranges. Omni’s environment monitoring solution also comes standard with GPS tracking and alerts when battery levels decrease.


Environmental Monitoring

Condition Status

Connect to your environments with a cellular enabled device that has built-in sensors and Omni NetTelligence™ cloud software standard.

Monthly Payments

Cloud Based Software

We use the power of the cloud to store your data securely and to make it available to you anywhere, on all your company’s devices.

Group Management

Group Level Management

Assign employees by the individual or by the group to specific pieces of equipment or customer sites. With group user management, you can make changes to notifications, permissions and reporting settings fast.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Reporting Software

Check conditions remotely, create reports, and set up custom alerts for temperature, humidity, GPS and more with your included Omni reporting software.

Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments

Get your wireless data loggers,  data plan, and cloud software to monitor your refrigerated goods and/or climate controlled environments for one monthly fee.

Wireless Data Loggers

Easy Installation

Place your Omni product inside your refrigerator, freezer, or an environment and you’re ready to go without having to damage your equipment or hiring an electrician.

Designed For:

Restaurant Refrigerator Monitoring


Fine DiningRefrigeration Monitoring

Fine Dining

IT Facilities Refrigerator Monitoring

IT Facilities

Bakery Refrigerator Monitoring


Sushi Bar Refrigerator Monitoring


Pharmacy Refrigerator Monitoring


Catering Refrigerator Monitoring


Wine Cellar Refrigerator Monitoring

Wine Cellars

Hotels Refrigerator Monitoring


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