Critter Control

Track critter issues remotely, identify problem areas, and get real-time activity reports to your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer

Group Level Management

Assign PCOs and operations personnel individually or by groups to specific customer accounts or geographic regions. With group user management you can make changes to notifications, permissions and reporting settings fast.

Cloud Based Software

We use the power of the cloud to sort your data fast and to make it available to you anywhere on every device your company owns.

Easy Installation

Each Omni device, comes with an antenna, motion/activity sensor, long lasting battery standard and is fully provisioned on the Verizon Wireless network.

Conditions Anywhere

With cellular Internet standard, your PCOs and/or personnel can deploy traps without access to a WiFi network or installing a line of sight system.

Reporting Software

Manage multiple accounts by customer or region. Assign PCOs and operations personnel to different areas, link alert phone/email address, create internal reports and setup custom alerts.

Monthly Payments

For a low monthly fee, get your hardware, wireless data plan, and cloud software to monitor your live animal traps.

SMS / Email Alerts

When a trap is activated and motion, a message is automatically sent to the PCOs and/or operations personnel to dispatch the trap.


Increase Technician Efficiency

Reduce unnecessary truck rolls with wireless Internet enabled critter traps that let PCOs and/or operation personnel know when traps have been activated.

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