Tank Monitoring


Check liquid levels. Schedule deliveries.

Get fuel and/or liquid tanks volumes remotely with automatic alerts and real-time reporting. Optimize delivery dates and amounts using workflow capabilities.

Learn about Omni Tank Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring


Reduce compliance costs and spoilage.

Set alerts for your refrigerated and/or climate controlled equipment. Standardize report intervals for temperature, humidity, light, pressure and more.

Learn about Omni Temperature Monitoring


Wireless Critter Traps


Receive trap activations remotely.

Service more customer accounts and reduce PCO trap check trips with SMS/Email alerts when live trap doors close and motion is detected.

Learn about Omni Wireless Critter Traps



Assign responders workload automatically based on GPS location, temperature, volume, and more


Use data from your business equipment to create reports for stakeholders and personnel

Data Security

We only use secure cellular internet and enterprise cloud services from Azure to transport, host, and protect your data

SMS / Email Alerts

Real-time notifications when conditions reach dangerous levels that are sent right to your phone, email address and/or software account

User Management

Assign users permissions, customer accounts, equipment, custom alert levels and more

Fast Installation

Retrofitting your equipment with Omni m2m hardware takes as little as 5 minutes



Monitor Your Equipment Anywhere

Check your fuel tanks, climate controlled environments, and critter traps from any internet enabled device. With Omni’s wide range of sensors you can monitor GPS, temperature, humidity, movement, ambient light, and more.

Automate Compliance Reports

Replace manual status recording with default or custom intervals to automate data logging for regulatory compliance reporting. With your bundled software, recorded data can be easily exported into a CSV file for use with the appropriate agencies.

Powerful Reporting Software Included

Create alerts, reports, and manage users with Omni’s responsive reporting software that’s optimized for use on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Adding additional m2m devices to your Omni account is easy and integrates natively with a variety of manufacturers hardware.

Get Condition Alerts To Your Phone

Receive SMS/Email alerts when your commercial refrigerated equipment temperature spikes, before your fuel tanks become empty, or when a raccoon enters an Omni m2m outfitted Havahart trap. Alert messaging comes standard with all Omni products and can be sent to individuals or large groups with the click of a button.

Log Equipment Data Wirelessly

Record temperature, tank volume, motion, and more automatically when devices are in or outside of cellular range with data-logging standard on Omni m2m’s family of products. Whether your devices are moving from highway-to-highway, or making the long haul across the pacific on an industrial freighter – Omni products will continue to record your critical data.

Increase Your Operational Efficiency

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