Omni GoTrack™ O10

$35.00 / month for 24 months

Omni GoTrack™ O10 is a self-contained, self-powered asset management and monitoring tool specifically designed for multi-year tracking of mobile and remote equipment (e.g. tanker trucks) Omni GoTrack™ O10 comes with an industry leading location tracking software and battery life of up to 10 years*


  • 10,000 mAh battery
  • CDMA-1XRTT Verizon wireless modem (using TCP/IP and/or SMS modes for communication)
  • GPS receiver module for position tracking
  • Up to 14,600 reports on a full battery
  • Integrated mounting feet for multiple fixing options
  • Data Logging

If an asset is stolen or moved from its Geo-fenced location, the Omni O10 can be switched into security mode to aide recover; in this alarm mode, the assets GPS position is sent via TCP/IP every 5 minutes or at a user defined interval. When outside of the country of origin, the Omni O1010 switches into roaming mode; whereby it reports less frequently when outside national borders to reduce roaming costs. By going into a deep sleep mode, Omni O10, conserves battery when data logging. With the included web portal, the user may configure the number of reports per day or other external/alarm activation modes on their individual units (i.e. motion and door opening).

*Based on 4 position reports a day


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Internal Lithium Battery (typical 10 year battery life, subject to use)


CDMA-1xRTT and GSM using TCP/IP


FCC ID PYB 7B C051021 part 15; Major Network Certified


GPS receiver; 12 Channel, L1 frequency, C/A Code; Accuracy (typical); position to 10m; velocity to 0.2 m/s, time 0.2 ns

Alarm Inputs

4 Digital inputs (including movement sensor)


IP65 (weather proof and dust resistant)


Movement Sensor, Location, Logging


External Alarm reporting Tamper detection


Made in the USA



Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions2.5 × 1 × 3.5 in


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