CalAmp LMU-3000 Series (LMU-3030)


A Versatile OBD-II Telematics Device for the Connected Car Market

The LMU-3030™ is an easy-to-install, flexible OBD telematics device designed to meet the needs of the growing connected car economy. It is an ideal solution for passenger or light-duty vehicle applications where access to the vehicle diagnostics interface (OBD-II) is essential for monitoring vehicle health and driver behavior.



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Market Applications

  • Automotive Insurance + Car Rental
  • Connected Car Applications
  • Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance


  • Optimized for Self-installation
  • High Sensitivity GPS Performance
  • Power Management, Low Power Sleep Modes
  • Triple-axis Accelerometer Motion Sensing Technology
  • 32 Built-in Geo-fences

Compatible Accessories

  • 134364-SER                                                 Serial Programming Cable: DE9 Female (DCE) to 5-pin Universal
  • 5C940-3                                                        Serial Programming Pigtail (use with 134364-SER), 3′
  • 5C940                                                           Serial Programming Pigtail, 6 inch, 5 pin (Use with 134364-SER)
  • 5C928                                                           OBDII Extension Cable (Bus Data & Power), 3′
  • 1BF112-453443CON                                    BATTERY, LI-ION, 1000MAH, 3.7V
  • 4C720                                                           OBDII Y-Cable
  • 545-U209-000-R                                           USB to Serial Adapter
  • 490-SWI10-12-N-P5                                     12V AC Wall Adapter
  • 5C821                                                           KIT OBDII-Y POWER HARNESS, MALE TO 2 FEMALE, 550MM, BLACK                                                                         (WITH BRACKET & SECURITY STRIP)
  • 5C968                                                           OBDII EXTENSION CABLE, 0.9 METER
  • FOB10-BL300-G1000                                   BLUETOOTH, 3-BUTTON KEYFOB (REQUIRES LMU WITH                                                                                              BLUETOOTH)  PRODUCTION TBD


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1.5 × 2.5 × .98 in


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