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OmniM2M launches global platform for M2M as a Service

Seattle – June 17, 2014:: OmniM2M LLC is announcing its launch within the rapidly growing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or IoT sector. The company’s offering includes a complete software stack, hardware devices & sensors, and global services & support. The users get the full value of the solution on a subscription basis.

Bleeding edge technology coupled with innovative business models have been a huge hit with customers and partners. Bringing the managed service mindset to the M2M business is transformative !!

OmniM2M offers a device and carrier independent software platform for the M2M business. The solution focuses on device management, algorithmic decision making and connectivity to other environments. The company is also building an analytics engine that will help the user community make sense of all the data that is generated. In addition to the OmniM2M software solution, the company has established partnership with Hardware companies and carriers that enable OmniM2M to be a single stop solution for most M2M/IoT needs.

Ajay Sikka, CEO of OmniM2M: ”The potential of M2M is great and we believe that now is the time to make a move. The market is now ready for a broad roll-out, as more and more companies see how they can connect Hardware, Software, communication services with their business processes – with cost savings and new revenue streams as a result.”

The OmniM2M leadership team includes a lot of experience building businesses. The company is led by Ajay Sikka, Gary Schmidt and Steve Berry. The leaders and other members of the team bring multiple decades of experience in technology, M2M/IoT, Marketing and Sales to the mix. The team has been driving great results since the venture was incubated 6 months ago.

OmniM2M was incubated inside Ci2i Services, Inc.- One of the fastest growing companies as rated by Inc. 500/5000 and the Puget Sound Business Journal.



Tomahawk and OmniM2M announce partnership to bring the power of IoT to Animal trapping

Hazelhurst WI & Bellevue WA, Feb 15, 2016:: Tomahawk Live Trap LLC and OmniM2M, Inc. are  announcing a broad partnership that will integrate OmniM2M’s leading edge technical solutions with the animal traps built by Tomahawk. These integrated products will result in a huge productivity boost along with a significant positive financial impact.

“We aspire to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with the highest quality humane animal control products available. OmniM2M’s technology will allow Tomahawk to extend our product line and continue innovating for the benefit of our customers/users” said Greg Smith, CEO of Tomahawk Live Trap.

This integrated product is going to be on display at Tomahawk’s booth at the NPMA’s Wildlife expo in Las Vegas Jan 15-17. At the show, attendees will be able to see the benefits of the integrated solution.

The OmniM2M solution includes a comprehensive set of features including cloud based software, hardware sensors and cellular connectivity. The system generates alerts when the traps are setup and/or when an animal is caught. Users can check for alerts on any of the traps on a variety of screens – PC, tablet or mobile. The user experience is very intuitive and easy allowing for non-tech users to setup and operate the system. Since the trap triggers an alert when an animal is caught, the cages can be used a lot more often. The process is also a lot more humane as the animals are released from the cages in a much shorter amount of time.

“We are excited to partner with Tomahawk” said Gary Schmidt, Managing Director at OmniM2M. “OmniM2M’s innovative technology coupled with Tomahawk’s industry leading traps represent a win for our user community”.

With this partnership, Tomahawk continues its tradition of innovation and bringing exciting new products to the trapping business. OmniM2M has been very focused on finding the right partners in this segment, and Tomahawk provides a great way to scale up this this business in a significant way.

The Tomahawk Live Trap team is committed to providing the highest quality animal traps . These traps, made for animals of all sizes,  are great for professionals and consumers who want the job done right.The traps are made in Wisconsin and have a strong following in the animal trapping community.

OmniM2M offers a device and carrier independent software platform for the IoT/M2M business. The Animal trapping solution focuses on device management, cloud based software and  connectivity to other environments. The company is also building an analytics engine that will help the user community make better decision based on of all the data that is generated.






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