We’ve all been there.

Late to work because we couldn’t find that last component of our daily repertoire. Eliciting a frustrated sigh when you can’t find your keys, your wallet seems to be hiding, or even where you parked your car. For many, this lack of efficiency in personal asset management causes loss of valuable time, of utility, and of quality of life. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of innovative machine to machine (M2M) technologies, and their influence won’t be limited to just a corporate environment—it’s also personal.

M2M technology is primarily managed through Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), 2G, 3G, and 4G modules. With the majority of the developed and developing worlds catching on to the ‘wireless fix’, more and more people will reap the benefits of increased intercommunication technologies, generating increased quality of life, better efficiency for small businesses, corporations, and the domestic household.

While products such as Tile are great for personal goods, they fall short because of the limited range of bluetooth. Businesses prefer to use the longer range capabilities of GPS to track their assets, and with recent advances in Wi-Fi signal triangulation, managers can track the actual location of the asset within 1-2 meters.

An increasing number of COOs, CFOs, and CEOs are realizing the need for greater transparency, detailed real-time data, and applicable intel to better manage their assets. Small and enterprise businesses are utilizing M2M technology and reaping the benefits of better asset management. Actionable intelligence generated from M2M data-gathering will translate into increased efficiency within your community, for small businesses, families, and the individual.


With Google’s newest venture into self driving automobiles, you won’t have to worry about what street you parked your car after those grueling downtown meetings. In fact, Google will most likely pick you up on the street, leaving the question, who’s going to own your car in the future? Google? Uber?

But before our car starts driving us to and from work, we’ll begin first by tracking our valuables. New advances in technology will be the key for helping you locate that elusive wallet, those disappearing keys, and your misplaced car. These technologies will also lead the way in obtaining an unprecedented level of raw data, that once translated into information, will make your business or workplace swifter, smarter and more profitable.

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