Seattle – June 17, 2014: Omni m2m LLC is announcing its launch of products within the rapidly growing Machine-to-Machine (m2m) or Internet of Things (IoT) sector. The company’s offering includes a complete software stack, hardware devices & sensors, and global services & support for one monthly fees similar your cellphone.

Bleeding edge technology coupled with all inclusive subscription based pricing  has proved to be a huge hit with customers and partners. Bringing the transformative technology of m2m to businesses without the need for costly capital investments and confusing data plans.

Omni m2m’s solution offers a device and carrier independent software platform for the m2m business. The solution focuses on device management, algorithmic decision making and connectivity to other environments. The company is also building an analytics engine that will help the user community make sense of all the data that is generated. In addition to the Omni m2m software solution, the company has established partnership with hardware companies and major carriers that enable Omni m2m to be a single stop solution for most m2m / IoT needs.

Ajay Sikka, CEO of Omni m2m:”The potential of m2m is great and we believe that now is the time to make a move. The market is now ready for a broad roll-out, as more and more companies see how they can connect Hardware, Software, communication services with their business processes – with cost savings and new revenue streams as a result.”

Omni m2m’s leadership team includes a lot of experience building businesses. The company is led by Ajay Sikka, Gary Schmidt and Steve Berry. The leaders and other members of the team bring multiple decades of experience in technology, m2m / IoT, Marketing and Sales to the mix. The team has been driving great results since the venture was incubated six months ago.

Omni m2m was incubated inside Ci2i Services, Inc. – One of the fastest growing companies as rated by Inc500/5000 and the Puget Sound Business Journal.

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