Just because your heater can turn itself on from your phone, doesn’t mean the Terminator movies are happening


Do you believe your smartphone has the power to take over the world? Or is it merely just a really astute tool with which to send and receive messages (and play the occasional game of candy crush)? When you think of the word ‘M2M’ (machine-to-machine) the tendency is to think of every terminator style movie ever released. The plot goes a little like this: the machine gets a brain, the machine starts to talk, the machine kills everyone, the machine creates a new world of half-machine half-humans…who wouldn’t be adverse to such domineering industrialized conclusions?

Will Smith iRobot

Will Smith hasn’t warmed up to machines quite yet… 

As someone who works every day with machine-to-machine (m2m) technology, I hold a different view of what machine-to-machine technology means. Although on a side note, DARPA robots are truly terrifying.What we at Omni m2m dream about is ‘smartifying’ your business machines; making your business equipment work more efficiently, accurately, and making you and your employees lives a little easier. After all, isn’t that what machines were created to do, help make life a little easier?

Connected machines have more benefits than just tracking businesses assets or diagnosing equipment problems on the fly, they also help with your life. Just yesterday, Electrolux bought GE Appliances for $3.3 billion, that’s an entire billion more than Google’s Nest acquisition. If you really think about the potential of value machine-to-machine adds, that number seems reasonable. With m2m, we’re talking about a national movement towards being more connected to our ‘things’, and more and more conscious of our surroundings (through our iPhone). We’re talking about having happier, healthier, less stressful lives with the assistance, not the hampering of, our m2m connected machines.


GE Brillion™ Oven

With GE’s Brillion™ appliance line, you can do things like turn your oven off or on from your phone

So we ask you to ponder… if your new Electrolux oven could text you and tell you that you had forgotten about the pizza when you had to run out for a minute (which turned into an hour) telling you it was switching the oven off and that the pizza was saved, would you feel better about these connected machines?

Let’s give a hand to the new world of machines. And we’re not talking about giving them actual hands, legs, arms or feelings – not Omni at least. We’re talking about an upgrade from the old fashioned and outdated blueprints they are made from.


1938 GE Electric Fridge

Like old cars, old appliances definitely look cool, but there is more than a little room for improvement

We want you to walk into your house, confidently put down your phone, and join your family for dinner, knowing that the if the restaurant equipment breaks down, it will call its own service technician automatically. Letting you make a drink, kick up your feet and set your microwave to cook some perfect popcorn… Well, maybe perfect popcorn is asking a little too much, but we can dream can’t we?

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