Get notified on your phone or desktop with real-time SMS, email, and App alerts that tell you when your equipment has gone outside of prescribed thresholds. Use alert layers to set thresholds based on user permission, location, customer account, and more.





Management Software

Use your phone, tablet or desktop to make adjustments or gain insight into your devices from anywhere. Overview one or many devices at a glance with the best of grid and card views combined. The same user design makes it easy to bulk configure devices to adapt to changing conditions, employees, customers, and regulatory situations.






Connected Sensors

Reduce the hassle and expense of manual monitoring with internet connected sensors that seamlessly integrate with Omni’s cloud software. Omni sensors have a small footprint, are easy to install and are available to measure temperature, volume, humidity, pressure, light, GPS, tilt, and more.





Autonomous Internet

No Wi-fi or local area network connections are needed to connect your Omni m2m devices to the internet with built-in cellular radios that give you robust connectivity and enterprise data security.

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