About Omni m2m

OMNI M2M was founded by wireless technology experts from Sprint, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, and is located in Bellevue, Washington. Our team of M2M experts has been creating solutions for B2B businesses for over 15+ years.

Our Mission

To Make M2M Solutions Simple

We believe just like your cellphones, automobiles, and real estate properties, that for M2M to shine for your business you need a comprehensive, simple product package. That’s why every M2M solution includes everything you need to bring the benefits of M2M to your business. No upfront fees, no additional capital expenditures, just one low monthly rate for your businesses industrial grade solution. With hardware, data, and a comprehensive warranty we’ll help move your business forward without the hassles of other M2M integrators.

To provide comprehensive M2M solutions

With tier-1 cellular partners, such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile, our solutions work on the nations most trusted networks and over CDMA and GSM networks. Relationships with DCS, CalAmp, and Sendum networks gives our customers access to the industrial quality hardware they’re business needs, no matter what they do. Whether you’re using GPS communication to track deliveries as they move across the globe or to monitor the fuel level of a refilling tank on a remote construction site, OMNI has the sensors, gateways, and networks to provide you with an out of the box, end-to-end solution your business can deploy today to increase your profit margins and reduce your risk.

Ajay Sikka

Ajay Sikka


Ajay has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. He has worked for large companies (Microsoft, Sybase), Services companies (TCML, Ci2i Services, Inc.), Tools (Vermeer), Hardware (PCL) and Media (IndiaHQ). He has been part of 2 successful startups (Vermeer-FrontPage & IndiaHQ).

Ajay Sikka has successfully built new businesses inside large enterprises in addition to building new ventures. He has successfully driven multiple M&A transactions, managed large budgets and provided leadership to large teams. He provides strategic guidance, helps in building Strategic/Global alliances, and architecting Product roadmaps. Ajay Sikka is very active in supporting startups in the Seattle area and in India, as a consultant, Board Director, and advisor.

Gary Schmidt

Gary Schmidt

Managing Director

Gary has been a Senior Business Executive with over 15 years of experience in technology and mobile industry. He brings with him experience in sales/marketing, developing and selling complex global solutions.

Gary Schmidt founded and was Chief Executive Officer of AirCloud, Inc. Before founding AirCloud™, Gary served as Managing Director of Wescom Capital.

Prior to AirCloud™, Gary has held several senior roles at Activate.net which later merged with Loudeye and sold to Nokia. Gary was responsible for developing the sales group and aided in overall marketing efforts and business partnership. He was also responsible for managing the overall sales/marketing objectives and worked with brands such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Google, Apple, AT&T, Verizon, Sony, Universal, BigFish Games, Comcast to name a few.

Earlier to Activate.net/Loudeye Corporation Mr. Schmidt held various roles in telecommunication sales and sales management at Sprint and Qwest Communications.

Frank McKeown

Frank McKeown

Head of Technology

An Engineering Executive with over 30 years of experience in Software Development, Frank has an extensive track record of delivering successful, high quality software products that build customer value. Frank has led product and engineering strategy for many products across multiple Fortune 500 companies. In addition to leading multi-function (global) teams that continuously delivered high quality products, Frank is also laser focused on results – “getting it done” and focusing on the customer.

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